The Agency’s activities focus on Marketing communications
  • Development and implementation of comprehensive communication strategies
  • Monitoring of feedback and results
Corporate communications
  • Development and implementation of internal and external corporate strategies as well as specific, individual communication through different types of media
Public affairs
  • Strategies for communication processes in the prevailing political setting
  • Crisis management
Political consulting
  • Development and implementation of communication strategies for political bodies and institutions in general as well as target-group-oriented communications in particular
Event marketing
  • Organization and implementation of events, congresses and symposia
  • openings, anniversary celebrations, workshops etc.
  • Partnership concepts
The entire media environment is in a constant state of flux. Rapid changes in electronic and print media call for flexible and effective responses. salaction ensures this by means of
  • Individual media targeting
  • Partnership concepts between the client and the media
  • Media/corporate sector partnership activities

salaction does justice to the client’s sophisticated demands for effective and efficient communication by developing communication strategies specifically tailored to meet the individual client’s requirements. Rather than on classic PR work such as mass mail shots, the emphasis is on individual, customer and target-group-oriented activities in accordance with the client’s requirements.